Riding for MS

Kickiní Msís Butt everyday

Itís become a family thing

How we got into this

In October 2007 Karla accepted the challenge of riding her bike to Austin and hoped to raise $500 for the National MS Society.† Seemed easy enough but just three months later Karla was diagnosed with MS and decided $500 just wasnít enough.† Since 2009 Karla has set her minimum goal at $12,000 and is striving for the $100,000 mark.


While training that first year Karla met up with longtime Caring Critter friend Ellen on the Bluebonnet Express training ride.† Since that day they have been biking together and taking on all sorts of adventures!† Ellen now works at the South Pole 4 months out of the year and has moved to Colorado but she is still finding time to join us this year.

When Karla crossed the finish line in 2008,
Jerry and Liz decided they wanted to give the challenge a shot.† Their first year was the half-year, the year Day 1 was rained out.† They finished Day 2 and that inspired them to give it another try.† Liz rode 4 years in a row and has now switched to a support role and is concentrating on school.† In 2013 she was an invaluable resource that helped Constellation Energy establish a bike team.† Jerry is still riding with us and keeps us laughing with his sense of humor and ever positive outlook.

After watching the rest of the family cross the finish line,
Chris decided 2010 was his year.† He was 12 and old enough to give it a shot.† I canít believe we let such a little guy ride but he rode and lofted his bike high above his head after crossing the line in Austin.† He is much bigger and stronger now.† In 2013 he rode every mile and even rode the Challenge route on Day 2.† Iím proud of Chris and his willingness to commit the time to train.† He is 17 and plenty of other things he could be doing!

, my soccer buddy from A&M, lives in Austin and came out to the finish line in 2008 and 2009.† In 2010 she decided she wanted to get more involved so she volunteered at the finish line.† That was enough to push her over, in 2011 she finished her first MS 150 and talked her friend Diane into riding with her.† In 2012 Cathy, Mareís wife, joined the fun also!

, Marsha, Marshaó This lady is phenomenal.† Marsha has ridden the MS 150 to Austin 8 times, sheís won numerous triathlons and even won gold medals at the National Senior Games!† She is who we all want to be at her age =)

is my neighbor and we have become fast friends.† This year Bethís busy work schedule is making it almost bearable to get some training in and get her adjusted to being on the bike for hours.† She is determined to give her best, make the most of the experience and raise money for the MS Society.† Iím just glad to have a friend along for the ride.† Beth is wonderfully supportive of me and had added some renewed enthusiasm to the scene!