Riding for MS

Kickiní Msís Butt everyday

This is where youíll find pictures and videos of our adventures.

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It was my rookie year to ride and I wanted to share the experience. Riding a bike from Houston to Austin might sound like a tough task but serious spin classes, a handful of training rides and lots of support from my friends & family got me all 162.5 miles!

BP MS 150 2008

What we do

Stay tuned, Iím sure there will be more!

Ellen and Karla riding across Iowa in the largest craziest ride EVER!


This one is better known as Uh-O!† Like a good bike rider, Chris obeyed the cycling rules he was taught in Elementary School.† I didnít expect that.

My first ride with Chris

It is such a thrill to come into Austin after two days on the bike.† The streets are lined with supporters cheering you on and thanking you for riding for MS

The Final Four Minutes of the BP MS 150